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18 September 2009 @ 07:53 pm

lyricalmovement lyricalmovement lyricalmovement

"Lyrical Movement is a team of translators that translate Korean song lyrics for the masses. The main focus is on korean indie. "

Did you see that you guys? I just started a lyrics translation community... with focuses on k-indie! Wow!

Yes. I did. and currently we are looking for translators: both part time (no requests) and full-time (yes requests). you can apply here .

you can also REQUEST FOR TRANSLATIONS here . but first, you gotta join! ;)

I've already posted few translations of songs I uploaded here before, so check them out:

Donawhale - Echo
브로콜리 너마저 (Broccoli You Too) - 춤
Sultan of the Disco - 요술왕자
로빈이 토끼란 사실을 알고 있었나 (Did you know robin was a rabbit) - 어떻해

Now those are the ones that I've also uploaded here. I also have some other trans of k-indie tunes at the comm. and I'll be posting translations of songs I'll be posting here in the future as well, so please keep an eye for those ;)

so please join, support, and spread the word! ;)

08 August 2009 @ 04:49 pm
I realized that this post should've been posted a while ago, but here it is now.
If you want to affiliate with this community, please leave a comment with the name of your community. It does not have to be a music rotation comm; I take everything. So graphics comm, fanfic comm, bring them all! :)

Thanks for the support as always, you guys. And spread the love!
19 April 2009 @ 09:35 pm

banner credit to: remapp 

gogo's k-indie rotation;

is for members only. boo. Join to experience the awesomeness.

→ join.
→ comments are really amazing, don't you think?
pimp as hard as you can.
→ no bashing or rude comments!
→ notify me immediately if there's anything wrong with the upload / tracklist / info. (via leaving a comment or sending me a message)
→ SUPPORT the artists! If you like it then purchase it through yesasia or mrkwang.
→ no requests at the moment.
→ enjoy!